elysia & adrienne - fancy meeting you again.

This was the street.  Elysia bit her lip as she looked around.  She couldn’t see her.  She took a step forward, sidestepping a few fallen branches as she did so.  It had stormed the night before.  She pulled the flask out of her jeans and took a swig before quickly placing it back in her pocket.  She needed liquid courage if she was going to do this.  She was purposely seeking out her past, something she had vowed to never do, but seeing her again… Adrienne.

Adrienne, the girl who had partied with her until the crack of dawn, the girl who had licked ecstasy off her stomach, the girl she had constantly cheated on her boyfriend with… the girl who had been just a girl.  Or maybe more.

She should have retrieved the address online.  It couldn’t have been that hard.  Last she had heard, Adrienne was a model.  Her address was most likely on the internet.  One click and she could have had it, could have written down, but Elysia had never been one for finding the simple solutions until it was far too late and now here she was, in an unfamiliar place, looking for a girl she had been convinced she would never see again.

She looked to her left and that was when her breath caught in her throat.  Maybe it was her eyes playing tricks on her, but the girl stepping out of the house to her left had to be Adrienne.  There was no mistaking that hair, those legs, that body. 

She needed something to say, a reason to approach her, a way to not make it obvious that coming here had been her intention.  She noticed Adrienne was smoking a cigarette.  Good enough.

She took a few deep breaths before approaching her.  She cleared her throat.  “Mind if I bum a cigarette?”  That was when the girl turned.  Yes, it was definitely her girl.  A smirk formed on her lips.  “Fancy meeting you again,” she said smoothly, seemingly effortlessly, though it had taken quite a bit of effort to even speak.

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